Assessment and Litigation

Under Income Tax Act 1961, there are various cases where assessee have to face noticed issued by income tax authorities. Once notice is being served on assessee he is bind to reply even if notice is wrongly served to asseessee. Let’s discuss the situations where assessee can receive income tax notice and what best remedies are available.

What kind of notices can be served on asseesse

We have bifurcated different kind of notice into two parts. In one part we will be discussing notices relating to salaried class taxpayers and in second part for other taxpayers.

1) Notices relating to Salaried Class taxpayers

a) Notice u/s 142(1) :

Under such kind of notices, income tax officer can ask taxpayer to file income tax return if he did not file before the issuance of notice or can ask to provide further information relating to filed return.

b) Mismatch in Income as per 26AS/Form and ITR :

These kind of notices comes when there is mismatch between information submitted by income tax payer in his ITR and information available with income tax department. These mismatch is relating income or tax showing in 26AS and income or tax shown in ITR filed for respective year.

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    c) Excess claim of deduction or mismatch in deductions :

    These notices are result of mismatch in deduction and exemption claimed These notices are result of mismatch in deduction and exemption claimed

    2) Notices relating to other than Salaried Class taxpayers