Logo Registration

Logo Registration is most important aspect of Trademark Registration (TM). Logo Registration is basically registration of Brand available in form of image. Every big brand have their own identity in form of logo which is ideally Unique and distinguish from other and every brand owner want to get it registered so that other people cannot use the same or similar brand.

How to Protect Logo

Under trademark registration, application securing logo can also be filed. Under such application, applicants choose option of “Device” and provide images of logo for securing trademark. Application under device is similar to word mark application subject to difference that under wordmark name gets registered whereas Device Logo gets registered.

What is the process of logo Registration

Registration process for Logo is similar to Brand name registration. Applicant need to provide copy of image to file TM application. Once application is filed, applicant can use TM along with their logo.

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    What is fee for Trademark

    Government has prescribed INR 4,500/- as registration fee for Individual and Business Entity having MSME Certificate. For others it’s INR 9,000/-.

    What all documents are required for Trademark

    As application is online no physical documents will be required. Basic information (Name, Brand name, address etc) is required to be entered on government portal. As consultant will file application on behalf of you, a Power of attorney will be required to sign in favour of consultant.

    How much time it takes to approve your application

    Trademark application takes at least 6 months to get it approve. If objection arise then it may take 2 years to get it approve.

    What is the difference between TM and R

    TM indicates that your trademark application is filed and it’s in under consideration for approval. You can use TM along with your Brand from the date when you filed trademark registration application.

    Once your application is approved you can use R along with your brand name. R denotes that your Brand is registered and nobody else can use the same Brand within same class.

    What are the advantages of trademark Registration

    Once application gets approved, it’s become an asset of Brand owner. No one else can use similar Trademark/wordmark/logo/image without the permission of Brand Owner. A registered trademark provides an advantage to business as compare to other competitor who don’t have registered trademark.

    What is validity of Trademark

    Once your application is approved it’s remain valid for 10 years. After 10 years renewal fee will be required to pay.