Indian Economy Survey by GST Fever

As we are well aware that COVID 19 has impacted economy brutally and life of Business Man and Employees is going to suffer.  To understand the impact of COVID 19 and to suggest the government about steps to be taken, we are carrying out survey among Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries.

The purpose of this survey among Chartered Accountants  and Company Secretaries is that we understand economy better and works with business man (giver) & as well as employees (receiver) and can provide most accurate picture of problem they are facing.

Through this survey we are going to ask a “Set of 15 Questions” where participant have to reply either Yes or No. On the basis of conclusion of survey, we will publish results and same may be communicated to government to take appropriate measure to overcome crises arises out of COVID 19.


  • All questions are compulsorily
  • Kindly Share your honest Opinion
  • Your Individual Survey will be kept Confidential

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1 / 15

Do you think the government should bring a provision where an organization cannot terminate to an employee from employment if such organization has a turnover of more than 100 Crore in Financial Year 2019-20.

2 / 15

Whether Corpus funds of all charitable/religious institution must be used for development of Hospital in nearby area. These provisions can be applicable for those Institutions who have corpus of more than 10 Crores.

3 / 15

Whether reduction is require in GST rates for the survival of the economy

4 / 15

Whether EMIs/Repayments should be deferred for another 3 months.

5 / 15

Whether RBI should further reduce Repo Rate to bring it around 2% or 3%.

6 / 15

Whether the government should invoke financial emergency and the salary of government employees should be cut

7 / 15

Whether any Special relief can be given to Aviation and Tourism Industry as these industries is going to hamper drastically

8 / 15

Whether there will be job cuts due to economy slowdown

9 / 15

Whether government should reduce retirement age to 55 years so that there will be declined in un-employment

10 / 15

Whether the central government should promote practice of work from home

11 / 15

Whether all proposed promotions in government organisations can be deferred to 2 years.

12 / 15

Whether is it right time to implement 2 child policy.

13 / 15

Whether allowances given to MPs/MLAs should be withdrawn.

14 / 15

Whether the central government should increase it’s healthcare budget and tax incentives should be given to companies who will be setting new units for the manufacturing of medicines or medical equipment.

15 / 15

Whether State Assembly election can be defer for 1 to 2 years to save government funds.