Amendment by 47th GST Council Meeting

Amendment by 47th GST Council Meeting

Summarized Update on 47th GST Council Meeting held on 28-29 June 2022

  • E-Commerce Operator: (Effective from 1 Jan 2023 positively)

Now supplier which are supplying through E-commerce operator is not liable for mandatory GST Registration if turnover does not exceeds from 40 Lakh and Supplies are within state only.

Composition Supplier can make supply through E-commerce operator if certain conditions are satisfied (such conditions are yet to be notified)

  • GST Refund:

Refund of ITC of input Services can now be availed while claiming refund under inverted duty structure

Limitation period (1 March 2020 to 28 February 2022) will be excluded while calculating relevant period of 2 years for claiming refund

FORM GST PMT-03A is introduced to allow re-credit of ITC into Electronic Credit ledger  where refund were granted wrongly and amount was refunded by taxpayer.

Now Refund can be claimed of unutilized Input Tax Credit on account of Export of Electricity which is a zero rated supply.

  • Waiver of Late Fee:

GSTR 4 of FY 2021-22 can be filed till 28th of July 2022 without late fee

CMP -08 for Q1 of FY 2022-23 can be filed till 31 July 2022 without late fee. Original due date was 18th July 2022.

  • Payment:

Functionality will developed to make GST payment through UPI

  • Annual Return:

GSTR 9 is not required to file if aggregate turnover is not exceeding 2 Crore

  • GST Registration:

No need to file GST Revocation application where GSTIN were cancelled due to non-filing of return. Now it will be automatic revocation after filing pending return.

  • Other:

System will be developed to resolve issue relating to negative liability statement for composition tax payers.

Artificial Intelligence (AIML) will be developed to verifying things before granting GST Registration. Same AIML will be used to trace transactions undertaken post registration

Amendment to Section 49(10) to transfer of balance in cash ledger from registered person to distinct person

Retrospective amendment in section 50(3) of CGST Act, with effect from 01.07.2017,to provide that interest will be payable on the wrongly availed ITC only when the same is utilized;

  • GST Rate Change:

GST Rates has been changed on certain goods and services which will be effective from 18th July 2022. (Please refer press release for complete list of goods and services on rate has changed).


Disclaimer: Above summary interpretation is framed on the basis of press release and views are personal views of author. Please consult your advisor before entering into any transaction based on this interpretation. Further these changes are just recommendation and will become law after issuing suitable notification etc.

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