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Trademark Registration | Benefits and Procedures – GST Fever

Trademark Registration is most important aspect for a business which has distinguished value from their competitor. Registered trademark help business to secure their assets which are available in form of Brand or Logo or Goodwill.  Hence Trademark Registration is an essential element for business you can easily register trademark registration in Delhi as it helps business to secure their intellectual assets available in form of Brand or Symbol.

In simple words “Trademark is A Brand or A Image or A Logo which represent your business in just first impression”. To avoid the use of our Brand or Logo by other business, Trademark Registration is an indispensable factor.  A registered trademark is an important asset for a business used to protect the company’s investment in the brand or symbol.

A Businessman can apply for trademark registration for securing their Brand name or Logo. Trademark Registration process for Brand Name or Logo is same and application for trademark registration can also be filed online with requisite amount of government fee. A person claiming to be the owner of a trademark used or proposed to be used by him can apply for Trademark Registration by filing form TM-A.

What are advantages of filing of Trademark Application:

Once application is being filed, applicant can use TM along with their Brand or Logo which indicates that applicant has been applied for trademark registration of such brand. Filling of TM application is first step towards getting your brand name registered. If anyone else also files Trademark application with same name or logo then such other application would not be approved unless such person proves that he is using such brand or logo prior to date which is mentioned by that first applicant, Trademark registration will also benefit gst ​​registration which will promote business.  However where two or more persons have registered identical or nearly similar marks due to special circumstances, such exclusive right does not operate against each other.

Stages of Trademark Application:

Application can be file under “Device” or “Wordmark” category depending upon business requirement. Under Wordmark category only “Brand Name” can be registered and under Device only “Logo” can be registered.  Here we mentioned phases from which a Trademark application goes through and after passing all such stages a Brand become registered Brand.

Application filing: After filing of application in form TM-A, we can use “TM” with our brand name or logo as we have submitted the application with department for their approval.

Formality Check: Application can be Pass or Fail at formality level check, it means that department is checking for basis error like name in text and in name logo is same or not.

Marked for Examination: It means that application has been passed from basic checks and will be examined technically for similar or identical name which are already been registered with trademark department.

Objected/Accepted: Objected means department observed that similar application is already lying with department.

Accepted and advertised: It means that department does not have any objection and accepted our application. Once application is accepted it is being published our trademark in public domain for inviting opposition from other competitor if any.

Opposed: It means that someone has opposed our application because such person is already owned similar/identical brand and have problem with our trademark registration.

Registered: It means we have crossed the entire previous hurdles and our application has been approved and now we are the legal owner of trademark and can use “R”.

In brief, getting brand register is not an easy task unless detailed research work is carried out by Trademark Professional/Expert. Once trademark registration application is approved it provides exponential benefits to the owner of Trademark. Hence Trademark Registration is one of most important aspect for successful running a large size business organisation otherwise a stable business can be in trouble if they don’t have Registered Trademark.

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