Procedure for NGO Registration in India – GST Fever

Procedure for NGO Registration in India – GST Fever

In India, there are multiple options are available to register a Non Profit Organisation or Social Welfare Organisation or NGO. There are different laws which are prevailing in India and such law allows an organisation to register itself with different approving authorities established under these different laws.  An NGO can apply for registration either as Trust, Society or Section 8 Company.  Here we will discuss about procedure for NGO registration in India. Let’s discuss one by one for Trust, Society and Section 8 company registration process.

Trust Registration Procedure (procedure for NGO registration in India):

In India trust are being operated and managed through Indian Trusts Act 1882. To incorporate a trust, person interested in trust registration or formation, require to execute trust deed as per the provisions of Indian Trust Act 1882. Once trust deed has been executed by interested parties or trustees then trustees can apply for registration of such deed before sub-registrar office. To get it register all the trustees should be physically present in registrar’s office.

After dully verification of records by registrar, a Trust Registration Certificate shall be issued to NGO and such certificate shall remain valid for lifetime.

Society Registration Procedure (procedure for NGO registration in India):

Societies are being governed by The Indian Society Registration Act 1860. To register a Society there should be at least 7 members who are suppose to work for literary, scientific, charitable and other similar purpose. The purpose of society should be charitable activities like sports, music, culture, religion, art, education, etc. In India, society registration procedure varies from state to state, some state adopted The Indian Society Registration Act 1860 as it is or some states adopted with certain modifications.

In general, for Society registration, the establishing members must be agreed with the name of society and Memorandum, followed by Rules & Regulations of the society. A complete set of documents has to submit with approving authorities for filing society registration application. Following documents are required to file society registration application:

  • List of society member
  • KYC documents of Society members
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Rules and Regulations of Society (i.e. By Laws)
  • Address Proof for registered place of Society

Section 8 Company Registration Procedure (procedure for NGO registration in India):

The registration of section 8 company is being governed by Companies Act 2013. As per companies act 2013, if an organisation is involve in social welfare activities then such organisation can apply for registration of company u/s 8 of Companies Act 2013.

GST Fever provides support for incorporation and maintenance of Section 8 company. Contact us for hassle-free online section 8 company registration in Delhi NCR, India.

For registration of Section 8 Company, an application in web-based e-form has to be filed with Ministry of Corporate affairs. Such application must be accompanied with Memorandum of Association and Article of Association.  Following documents shall be required for registration of section 8 company:

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