What is ISO? Understanding ISO for beginners

ISO certification

What is ISO? Understanding ISO for beginners

ISO stands for International Standard Organisation which issues International Standards relating to Quality Management however International Standard Organisation (ISO) itself does not issue any certificates.  To issue ISO certificates there are various authorised bodies who issues ISO certificates after doing audit of an organisation as per ISO standards.

What is the requirement of ISO Certification:

ISO 9001 lays down the criteria for a quality management system and an organisation who have ISO 9001 certificate can be treated as an organisation who have been complied with Quality Management Standards. ISO 9001 is based on several quality management principles which includes customer satisfaction, working environment, process and approach followed and improvements. Using ISO 9001 Certificate helps to an organisation to get more clients as compare to other organisations that don’t have ISO certificates. do ISO certification in Delhi. Through this certificate, the organization Builds its brand value, as well as enhances its authority of the brand, which attracts new customers to the organization, increasing the customer’s trust in the brand, helping to retain these customers in the long run.

Key advantages of ISO Certification in Delhi:

  • Increased Brand Value
  • Timely Delivery of goods and services
  • High level of customer Satisfaction
  • Easily participation in Government tendering
  • Increased Business Efficiency and Productivity
  • Global Recognition

How to Implement ISO Standard:

ISO Standards can be implemented in an organisation over the period of time. Implementation of ISO takes lots of time and planning in execution of ISO standards. It requires fixing of responsibility between employees and management to rollout of ISO standards. Once roles and responsibility has been fixed then launch quality management standard and regular review of performance comparison of same with layout standards.

How to Get ISO Certificate:

If an organisation has implemented ISO standards then such organisation may apply for ISO Certification. Certification Body will carry out Audit of ISO standards through their authorised representative. After successful completion of audit certifying audit will issue ISO certificate and such organisation will be called as ISO Certified organisation [GST Fever]. If certifying body is not satisfied with audit then such body can deny to issue ISO certificate.

Get ISO Certification Online in India, and get Government ISO certification from a leading consultant of ISO Certification in Delhi.

What are ISO Certifying Bodies:

International Accreditation Forum (IAF) is an international body which authorised various local bodies as Certifying Authorities. So whenever you are applying for ISO certification always obtain certificate from certifying body which have affiliation with IAF.

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